Saturday, August 31, 2013

Week 1...Check!

We survived week 1 in kindergarten!  My students started last Thursday, so they have been in school 6 days (Teacher Work day yesterday).  We are seeing some improvements in our behavior, but sticking to our strict schedule (mandated by the district) is going to be tough!  On Thursday I pulled out the iPads.  Students who had been struggling with behavior had the opportunity to earn time on the iPad. Some of them didn't know what an iPad was, but after their chance to use it for 5 minutes, it was a big motivator!

After doing some reading and exploring, I'm jumping in with both feet on Tuesday with Class Dojo.
It seems like a great way to track behavior (RTI?) and motivate students to make better choices. Do you use Class Dojo?  If so, I'd love to hear your comments below!  I'm interested in what people use for their "positives" and "negatives" and how you reward students for their points (if at all).

I am spending today working on getting my 3 iPads ready for beginning of the year kindergarten kiddos.  There were tons of apps on there for the end of the year, but many of them aren't appropriate for this time of the year.  All three also needed a software update installed.  It has been quite a process (still not done), but I know it will be worth it, especially when it comes to enrichment and intervention!

Here are a couple pictures from center last week!

We love!

Mr. Potato Head is also a very popular guy!

Alphabet puzzles
I'm looking forward to a productive week next week!

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