Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy First Monday of School

Our students started last Thursday, so this is our first Monday.  In my class, the kids always like Monday because it is gym day.  We have had a busy 3 days learning rules and routines, getting to know one another and learning about our school.  Some early assessments are being completed by our intervention team in between all the other things we have going on.

Tomorrow we visit different stations throughout the school to learn more about the rules in specific places (cafeteria, playground, office, hallway and restroom).  I'm hoping this helps to head off problems that typically occur in these areas.

Our biggest celebration is that on Friday (our first day of returning homework), we had 20/21 students do their homework!  I was floored and so excited about this positive first night of homework.

Today we ad the chance to explore pattern blocks.  I was impressed when a few began to form larger shapes with the various blocks.  I walked up to one student who had made a hexagon from triangles, and the boy next her had made a hexagon with trapezoids.  I challenged them to figure out how to make a hexagon using rhombuses.  Working together, they were able to quickly figure this out.

What are you exploring in your classroom this week?

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