Thursday, August 8, 2013

Working In My Classroom

I've been working hard in my classroom over the past couple weeks.  I've gone in one day a week for the past 4 weeks.  Because of my commute (about 50 miles 1 way) I no longer just "pop in" for an hour or two, but make it an event to work in my room leaving the day free and setting up a lunch date with friends.  It has been nice to see large amounts of things crossed off my list each time I go in and to catch up with friends.  Teachers go back August 19, conferences the 21, students the 22.

Today I worked on labeling (with the class list I have today), copying and taking care of the things I don't enjoy doing in nice clothes.

I picked up these little "people" in the Target Dollar Spot and wasn't sure what I was going to do with them.  I decided to tape them to our tile floor for my students to stand on when they line up.

Close up

Look from the door down the lines (girls on left, boys on right)

 This is what I brought home with me to keep me busy until I visit my classroom again.  I had the school laminator up and running today.  I laminated cubby tags, name tags for their seats and my "traveling" word walls.

I will be cutting lots of lamination.
Do you have a personal laminator?  I keep seeing them all over bloggy world, but haven't taken the leap.  Any convincing words either way?


  1. I have a scotch laminator I bought from Wal-Mart for $25. Best money ever spent. Of course you can't laminate anything bigger than a reg sheet of paper but for all of that little stuff and without having to wait to get to school, it's so worth it. I buy the sheets at Sam's, 200 for $20 and it lasts awhile. Love it!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten