Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Classroom {Teacher Week '13}

I'm excited to share my classroom with you and link up with Teacher Week 2013.

Up first is a look inside my classroom from the door.  To the right is a storage bench from IKEA that keep my puppets.  On top, students put their folders and homework in the baskets.  This is where you will find me in the morning greeting students, filling out my attendance and lunch count and checking homework.

To the left of my door is a sink, storage cabinet and cubbies.  In this picture you can see the cubbies and computer center.

Moving on around the room, this is my full group area.  The red pocket chart to the left of the SMARTboard is our daily schedule.  The table is my science center.  The block center is in the baskets under the SMARTboard.

To the right of my large group area is my library.  The bins on top are leveled; the bins in the shelving are based on topic.  The vertical bookshelf is for books about our current theme.  All books are labeled so they can (hopefully) be easily returned to the correct bin.  You can also see a bit of my word wall on my bulletin board.  I will have a "traveling word wall" on rings for students to access as well.

This is my small group and doubles as my desk.  It is still a work in progress, but the bookcase to the left is a new addition this year, so I'm excited to organize over there!

Next to my small group table is my dramatic play area.  This is not used all year, but I'm not real sure where to put it (short of hauling it home) so it gets turned backward and I display items on the nice white background the rest of the year :).

The last stop is my writing center.  On the other side of the writing center is the art center.  The blue pocket card is our school-wide behavior system.  The tree on the wall is for family pictures.

Thanks for sticking with my through the tour of my room.  I'll hope you'll come back soon to see what we are up to!  You can follow me on the right so you don't miss all our fun!


  1. Hi Amanda!
    Your room looks great and I love the dramatic play area!
    I missed going to Vegas this summer. It was so much fun last year! Have a great school year!

    1. Thanks, Cindy! I missed Vegas this summer too; I'm hoping to make it back next summer. Have a wonderful year!