Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Family & Fun Linky

I'm linking up with the fabulous crew over at Blog Hoppin for their New Year Linky.  Today's topic is Fun and Family.

Here is my family on our trip to Savannah, GA this past July.  We took a cooking class with Chef Darin at Savannah Cooking School.  

Bonnie (far left) and Seth (my brother next to her) got engaged this week.  Yay!  Maybe a 2014 wedding?

I moved this past summer, so my parents are now only 20 minutes away (as opposed to the hour and 10 it used to be).  I traded my 5 minute drive to work (now driving 55 minutes to work) for being closer to my family.  I love being closer to them, and look forward to being able to spend more time with them in the coming year.

I'll be venturing to Long Boat Key, FL in February with my parents and cousin. We've never been there; it is on the west coast of Florida.  Looking forward to a little sand and sun!

Looking forward to heading here in July!

My family is meeting me in Vegas then we are driving to explore the Pacific Northwest.  Our plans include Portland, OR, Seattle, WA and Vancouver. None of us have been to these places, so we're excited to explore. Anyone have any tips?

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy New Year 2014 to everyone!

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