Sunday, January 26, 2014

Get the Brain Going

I'm linking up with Brenda at Primary Inspired for Movies to Get Brains Going.  I saw the post in my BlogLovin' account a few days ago and knew I would want to take time to read all about it.  I'm playing catch up today and thought I'd share some of my kiddos' favorites.

1.  My kiddos L-O-V-E HeidiSongs. "Miss Heidi" is seriously the best thing since sliced bread in my room.  We sing her sight word songs daily.  We used the number and shape songs until the majority of us knew them, and we pull pieces and parts from her math DVD as we learn new skills.  I own the majority of her DVDs and my kids can't get enough of them on the SMARTboard.  If you've never used her songs, here is a YouTube link to sample.  You might want to watch the cuties below sing the "love song". This was my class last year.

2.  Counting to 100:  This is the song we sing daily to help us count to 100. As we get to each group of 10, we put 1 finger up.  For example: when we get to 10, 1 finger goes up; 20, 2 fingers go up, etc.  This really helps with the confusion of what comes after 29, 39, etc.

3.  Have you used ?  You can copy and paste a YouTube link into the box and download the video on your desktop.  Very helpful on those days when the internet is down (our wifi has issues at times).

Now that your students' brains are activated, they will be ready to work!  Christina over at Sugar and Spice has an awesome new writing packet out.  It is on sale ($3 off!) through tomorrow.  Head over to TpT and check it out!

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