Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Making Use of Snow Days {Freebie Included!}

This is snow day number three in a row.  I was kind of planning to be off today as the extended forecast has looked cold for today since it came out.  Friday and Monday were surprising.  Tomorrow is a teacher work day, so when all is said and done, my students will have missed 4 school days (plus a weekend) in a row.  Thursday will be difficult...

I have been trying to be productive on these days off.  I'm currently listening to the dryer working on my towels (sheets are up next).  I've booked my flight to Vegas for I Teach K! (super excited about that one) and the hotel.  Today is my dad's birthday so when laundry is done, a cake will be going into the oven.  I also did a little bit of creating. The Target Dollar Spot is my inspiration for this little creation to build some fact fluency.

I picked up some of these mailboxes.  My Dollar Spot didn't have enough of these little plastic guys, so I'm sending my teammates on a mission to the Target near them.

You could also use these mailboxes, also found in the Dollar Spot.  I created a center last year (click to read post about a literacy activity) using these, and kind of wanted the plastic ones so my students wouldn't mix the boxes at different centers.

You can use these mailboxes or any other container you desire to have students sort the envelopes in the packet by math fact. You need 6 containers (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), one for each answer.

You can also find another little math creation for Valentine's Day here. This covers sorting, graphing, measurement, addition and greater than/less than.  While you're there, check out my store!

What do you do to engage your kiddos at centers?

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