Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week In Review: January 8-10

Last week was our first week back from Winter Break.  We had an unexpected two extra days off and a two hour delay.  Our first week back ended up being a two and a half day week.

We had a change to our behavior plan in our first week back.  Our building uses a school-wide behavior plan.  The plan has colored "fish" (card stock cards cut out in the shape of fish) in a pocket chart.  Students lose a fish for negative choices made.  I have some students with difficult behavior, and this plan was not working for them.  I wanted something more positive.  I received permission to pilot a more positive system.  Below is a picture of our new plan.

One of my favorite things about this new plan is that students can move up.  Even if they struggle for a portion of the day, they have the opportunity to move back up.  This was not part of our school-wide system. I also like the opportunity to recognize students for "above and beyond" behavior for those who are on orange, pink and "sparkling silver".  Students who are above green receive a little certificate for the day indicating the color.  If students earn "sparkling silver", they have the opportunity to choose a holographic sticker to put on their calendar box for the day instead of coloring.

So far, my students are responding really well to the new system.  I hope their enthusiasm continues!

Do you use a similar plan?  Any suggestions or tips?

Are you with me on a huge amount of assessment at this time of year?  The end of the nine weeks is this Thursday, so I was trying to get last minute assessments completed on Friday.  I set up 4 math stations for students to explore.

Using manipulatives to explore the pan balance.  Loved their teamwork!
We also used pattern blocks to complete these space-themed pictures.  This is most definitely one of their favorite activities this week.  They are wearing their coats because an announcement was made that we were going to have a fire drill (it was in the 30s).  We kept working until the alarm went off.

This week is a four day week because Friday is a teacher work day for the end of the semester.  We will be finishing up our Day & Night, Light & Dark theme.

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