Monday, January 20, 2014

Google Forms with Families

Do you use Google Forms with your students' families?  Our district is in year 3 of having Google accounts for staff and students.  Our building attempts to be "paper free" as much as possible.  Within our building, we use many Google features on a regular basis: e-mail, docs (drive), calendar, forms and presentation.

I decided to experiment with Google Forms this year with my students' families.  Many of them are very tech savvy so I thought this would be an easy way to get their opinions.  I started with a survey of their ideal dates and times for a family night.  For families who didn't have e-mail, I printed the form and sent it home in their child's home communication folder for them to fill out.  I got what I felt was a decent response.  Because I wanted to know who was responding on that one, I made my first question, "what is your child's name?" so I had a way of knowing who responded.

I recently implemented a new behavior plan and will be presenting it to our building staff soon.  I wanted parent feelings on the new behavior plan vs. the old behavior plan.  I was not worried about attaching a respond to a name in this one, so it remained anonymous.

I try to use as many multiple choice questions as possible to make it quick and easy for families to respond, which I think will make it more likely for them to do!  In the behavior plan survey, I did ask parents to share positives/negatives, but I did not make this a required question.  I can tell that one parent was very passionate about his/her opinion because there were many comments filled in.

How have you/would you use Google Forms with your students' families?


  1. Let me know how these go for you. I love Google Forms. I have used them for surveys too!

    1. The first one went well, but didn't have a lot of responses (5/17). This one (behavior one) was just sent this morning and already has 5 responses. I'm feeling good about it! :) Do you do surveys with your students, parents, or both?