Sunday, November 3, 2013


Our Halloween party was actually last Friday (10/25).  We had an Early Dismissal day thanks to it being the last day of our first nine weeks.  We like to take advantage of Early Dismissal days for parties (there just so happens to be one on Valentine's Day too).

We start the day with a parade.  All the classes sit around the gym and watch as each class parades by, one at a time.  After all classes have paraded around, we go through the atrium where parents are waiting to see the parade.  Once the parade is over, we head back to our own classrooms for parties. Our party was set up in 5 "centers".

1: Gummy Worm Hunt:  3 gummy worms were placed on a paper plate.  Using only their mouths, students had to find the gummy worms, which were hidden under a pile of Reddi Whip.  It is a messy activity, but the kids LOVE it, and it is nothing baby wipes can't clean up.

2: Mummies: Students were partnered up.  Each partnership received 2 rolls of toilet paper (cheap is good).  Their job was to wrap one another as mummies.  I learned that having multiple adults here to keep order was necessary!  This group got a little out of hand if the adults weren't firm about the rules.

3: Don't Eat Jack!: I'm not sure where I got this (somewhere on Pinterest, but I didn't pin it:(.  The game board is covered with food (we used M & Ms).  One player is "it" and leaves the group while the others talk.  The group chooses a "Jack".  "It" comes back and begins to eat one M & M at a time.  Just before "it" eats the M & M on "Jack", the group yells "Don't Eat Jack!".  The parent that I had running this game did a great job, and my students liked that they were allowed to yell in the room.

4: Crafts: Students had 2 crafts to choose from.  There were foam masks to make and bracelets (using pipe cleaners, foam monster beads and pony beads).  Most students had time to make both.

5: Cookie Decorating: Our school provides each student with a cut out cookie.  Each classroom gets a can of icing and some sprinkles.  Children decorated their cookies and enjoyed them with either juice or milk.

I hope this gives you some ideas for next year!  Does your school/classroom celebrate Halloween?

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