Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Candy Corn Math

We've been working on Candy Corn Math over the last week or so.  My preclinical (she will student teach with me next semester) has been working with students in small groups to complete my Candy Corn Math packet.  The addition has been a bit of a struggle as was greater than and less than.  We just introduced the concept of addition the week prior (formally), and we have not discussed the greater than and less than signs (though students do understand the words).

Measuring with candy corn

Graphing with candy corn

Adding with candy corn (yes, I ran the books upside down when I double-sided them.)
Starburst candy corn are great too!  I am not normally a huge fan of candy corn, but these are very fruity- consistency of candy corn, flavor of a Starburst.

My students enjoyed these activities, and I'm excited to watch them grow as we use my conversation hearts and jelly bean packets, which follow the same format.

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