Saturday, November 9, 2013

My Plate

We spent the last two weeks learning about My Plate, healthy and unhealthy foods and where food comes from.  This week we tackled My Plate and finally got into our first bit of Project-Based Learning.

Our tech teacher teaches technology classes every other nine week period.  This nine weeks she more available to help with tech issues and support students and teachers with enrichment and intervention and other things needed.  I quickly jumped on this opportunity to have another set of hands in the room!

We were focusing on My Plate.  My kiddos were to answer the question: "What would 'My Plate' look like?" Students were going to create a plate and a menu for the day based on what they've learned about food.

This time, I decided to work with students while others in the class were at centers.  We started with the students who are a little more advanced than their peers.  I wanted to start with these students to gauge how long the project would take and what it would be like to start at this point in the year.

Students had the option to try their own spelling or have one of us spell for them.  2 of these advanced kiddos decided to do their own writing while the other 3 chose to have us spell for them.  We wrote the words on white boards for students to copy.  After reviewing the food groups, students decided on their breakfast, lunch and dinner for the day. Once the menu for the day was written out, students drew the foods on the correct sections of My Plate.  They then assembled their plates.

For the remainder of the class, I put them in groups of 3 to complete the project.  One student was responsible for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner.  These students all chose to have us help them write.  Each student did their own writing and illustrating for the meal they were in charge of.  Students presented their projects in groups as well.

After center time, the individuals/groups that completed their projects that day had the opportunity to share their menus and plates with the class.  Completed projects were also displayed in the classroom in time for Parent-Teacher Conferences.

I wish I would have taken pictures of groups presenting, but the thought didn't cross my mind that day!

I was impressed with how many students were able to quickly and correctly identify the sections of My Plate foods should be placed in.  They were very confident in their food choices!  While we worked, books about each food group were available for students to use to find ideas of food choices and to see what they should be eating each day.

Breakfast: eggs, toast, chocolate milk; Lunch: strawberries, ham sandwich, chocolate milk; Dinner: broccoli, hamburger, banana, milk

Breakfast: waffles, milk, egg; Lunch: sandwich, milk, cheese, grapes, carrots; Dinner: noodle soup, crackers, water


  1. Wonderful hands-on activity! Way to rock the Food Plate!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! My kiddos loved this activity!