Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dollar Tree Finds

I stopped at the Dollar Tree while out running some errands.  It was close to the area, and while not far from home, I don't always head in that direction.  I was in search of some plastic plates to use as individual dry erase boards, and where better than the Dollar Tree!

You know that aisle that has "teacher stuff"?  Danger alert!  Educational magnets, dice, certificates galore, math manipulatives and more.  Yes, I did get my plastic plates, and a few more items while I was there.

The yellow plastic plates are our new individual dry erase boards.  We'll see how long they hold up, but you can't beat $3!

I picked up 2 packs of magnets.  I purchased some similar at the beginning of last school year, but have not seen them since.  Yesterday I picked up sight words and short/long vowel words with pictures.  I have some stand-up magnet boards from Jo-Anns, and I know my students will love matching the pictures to words and making silly sentences.

The 2 packs of dice have sight words on them.  Each pack has 18 different words (6 different words per die).  I plan to make a "roll and record" type game for these to practice sight words.

The last item I picked up was linking manipulatives.  I bought these because they came in all kinds of fun shapes.  The red: link shaped, orange: squares, blue: round, purple: star, green: heart, yellow: triangle.  These will be great in the math center for addition, subtraction and measurement.  I'm thinking about picking up more for a family math night so students can take some home too.

Have you found any good deals lately?

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