Wednesday, August 1, 2012

All About Me and a Freebie

I saw these cute "All About Me" posters on a blog (wish I could remember which one).  The blogger stated that she purchased them in the Target dollar spot.  Off to Target I went, of course!

After visiting 6 Targets across the state of Ohio, I was a bit frustrated that I couldn't find these posters, so I decided that certainly I could create something like that myself, right?  Wouldn't you know it, Target #7 had the posters.  There is a picture of them below in case you want to look.

If you don't want to search Target for these, you can download my little freebie instead.  It is printed on legal sized paper.  Click here to download.

I purchased the kit below at Lakeshore last year and wanted to hang my students' creations next to these posters.

Click here to go to Lakeshore's website

I'd love for you to follow my little blog and leave a comment if you download the poster!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Amanda! I like your freebie poster! I found the Ones I Target a week ago. I like the smaller size of these. Cute idea to use the people craft. I have done that same one. Now I do one where the kids say: my name is Cindy and I like cinnamon. My name is delaney and I like dolphins. ( my daughters)
    Great stuff!