Saturday, August 4, 2012


I have seen some great ideas for celebrating birthdays in the classroom on Pinterest and on various blogs this summer.  I was inspired by the pixie stick birthday balloons over at What the Teacher Wants, but wasn't sure I wanted to order those.  So, I purchased fun straws and was going to attach some cutout cupcakes I found when cleaning out my classroom last week.

Meanwhile, I asked my middle school aged cousins (soon to be 11 and 14) to help me create a game with those cute cupcake "eggs" that I purchased at Target last Easter.  They suggested I give them to the kids for their birthdays.  An ah-ha moment...

Cupcake "egg" from Target last Easter with a fun straw attached with scotch tape to the back.
Inside each cupcake is:

A cupcake shaped eraser (Target dollar spot), 4 cotton candy scented stickers (teacher supply store: 100 in a pack) and some "Happy Birthday" confetti (Dollar Tree)
I made 24 sets (I currently have 20 on my roster) and put them all in a basket (Dollar Tree with stickers from Hobby Lobby).  Total cost was about 70 cents per child.  I hope the kids like them!


  1. So sweet Amanda! I love the cupcake eggs and what is inside. I'm doing little treat bags. I have to make 32! I have never had them all ready before school starts. I'm trying to be organized!

    1. I'm trying to be organized this year too! I'm hoping this kind of stuff will have me off to a good start. I did little treat bags last year, and it worked out well. My only complaint was that I didn't always remember the morning of a birthday because they were tucked away. I'm hoping seeing thing everyday will trigger my memory! :)