Monday, August 20, 2012

Must Have Monday (Teacher Week)

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin'  Teacher Week!  

Here are my must-haves for this year:

I reorganized my classroom library and used A LOT of this!

This is one of my new favorite craft materials!

I love my Macbook.  A must in my world!

My SMARTboard...we use this amazing piece of equipment most of the day!

HeidiSongs DVDs...if you teach Kindergarten and have never seen these, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!  My students (and I) love these.  We have the sight words, numbers and sounds DVDs.  They are worth every penny I spent on them!

Lakeshore CD-Rom games.  I have many of these, and they are awesome.  The newer ones even keep data for you.  We use them on the SMARTboard, but you can also load them on individual comptuers.

This isn't my actual car (no palm trees here) but it looks like it.  I am commuting 64 miles one way this year, so my car (in good working order) will be a necessity!  

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