Thursday, October 23, 2014

Theme Related Art Centers

This is the first year our kindergarten kiddos do not go to art class.  Our art teacher retired last year, and she was not replaced.  I feel like I need to make sure my art center is more than just free drawing, but that it allows students to explore various materials and mediums and have a purpose for their art (at least some of the time).  

I've pinned a few ideas over the year, but haven't used many of the ideas I've been collecting. This will be the year!

The first thing I want to share with you is the DIY kaleidoscopes we made while learning about our 5 senses.  When our art teacher retired, she "gifted" us with materials left over.  I snatched these up thinking they would be perfect for the sense of sight.  My kiddos loved these and could not wait to share them with other staff members and their families.  They have come back to school in some instances because they were so excited about them.  

Our current theme is "Cornucopia", which is a fall theme.  I pinned this idea a few years ago, and I just never did it.  I modified it to use things I had (1 color of orange paper, blue background, and I used oil pastels for the details instead of paint).  My kiddos enjoying making this project too. It was interesting to hear them talking as they completed their project.  A few of them made pumpkins of different shapes after the book "Spookly".  We did not read the book in class, but a few of them cited it as the reason for pumpkins of different shapes.  These are hanging in our classroom "gallery". 

Our next theme is "What's On The Menu?" (food), so no art center plans as of yet.  Any ideas?  Tomorrow is our Halloween party because we also have Early Dismissal tomorrow.  Hoping it is as organized as a kindergarten Halloween party can be!

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