Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Field Trip: The Nature Center

Last week we went on our annual fall field trip to the Nature Center owned by our local university.  This year, 3 classes went at a time, but each class was split into 2 groups.  During our hour and 30 minute trip, we go for a nature walk looking for signs of fall.  This year, the staff at the Nature Center created an activity similar to a scavenger hunt to find items of different colors.

It rained quite a bit the night before our trip, but the rain decided to scoot out of our area before we arrived.  This definitely made our trip better!

My kiddos were good at finding items in our walk.  Our literacy coach came to the Nature Center for the first time; I learned something new, she has A TON of background on nature!  On our walk, we walked through the woods, chose a leaf to complete a leaf rubbing, walked around the pond where we fed the fish, touched tadpoles and observed a crayfish.  Finally, before walking back to the bus, we were off to the barn where we saw a donkey, 2 sheep and some chickens; we fed the sheep and chickens.  

"Eagle Eyes" (our literacy coach) found a salamander.  Our guide (who was great!) immediately put it in a bug box for students to get a closer look at.  She then released him in wet leaves so he could keep his skin moist.  This was a great start to our trip!

Those are slugs eating some fungus on a log. Most of the kids thought it was pretty cool.

Touching the tadpoles.  They had a really hard time catching them; those buggers were fast!

Feeding and checking out the chickens.

A pretty view from our day!

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