Monday, October 27, 2014

Making Monday Interesting...

Here are a few things you would have witnessed in my room today.

Kids are a lunch Principal comes in.

P: "You can't go to recess today." (75 degrees and sunny)

Me: (confused) "Why not?"

P: "Police order, no kids on the playground.  There is a dog on the loose."

Me: "Oh.  Is it black because it was on the playground last week when the kids were in library?"

P: "Yes, and it already bit someone in the neighborhood, so they don't want the kids to witness it if they have to shoot it.  Pull your blinds too" (My room faces the playground).

Ten minutes later on my way to pick the kids up from lunch...

P: "Dog taken care of, you can go to recess".

The dog warden caught the dog and he's off to the pound.

On the playground...

Many kiddos were showing us ladybugs they were finding all over the place.

2 girls from my class come over...

A: "Miss H, I saw a bug in C's hair."

Me: "Was it a ladybug?"

A: "I don't know, I can't find it now."

Me: "I'll take a look".

I start looking only to find eggs and lice.  Ewww!  This lead to head checks for my whole class...good news, it is only that one kiddo.

Happy Monday!  Anything interesting happen in your room today?

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  1. No lice in my room thus far, knock on wood! Thanks for stopping by :)