Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dem Bones

I saw Mary from Sharing Kindergarten share "Bag of Bones" Cheetos on Instagram.  I thought, "we need these!".  Then she shared a freebie pack, Dem Bones, and I knew I would have to use these.  After 3 different trips to WalMart, I finally found my prize, 2 bags of "Bag of Bones"!

I used 2 bags for 18 students to make sure everyone had enough pieces to make their skeleton. I pre-bagged (I think I just made that word up) the pieces for each student in a snack-sized baggie.

Last week's (and this week) theme is the human body.  We focused on body systems last week with a focus on the 5 senses this week.  I decided to pull these out last Friday to wrap up our week of learning about body systems.

We have not done any food projects yet this year, so I went through all my instructions (don't eat the food, we are using it to learn, etc).  I had students graph first.  We sorted directly on the graph.  You could have heard a pin drop!  There was no talking, no looking around, just focused kiddos totally engaged.  Pure joy right here!

After students graphed their pieces, they picked up a paper to build a skeleton and label the parts of the skeleton.  There were different techniques to completing this, but most students just built the skeleton on top of the paper.  The kiddos below decided to build it on her own on the table next to her paper.

Check out his graph; he decided to just online the boxes.

Students used the words at the bottom of the graph to help them spell the words needed on the labeling paper.  Way to use your resources, kiddos!  After labeling their skeleton, students were permitted to eat their pieces.  I earned "best teacher ever" and the day was "the best day ever" thanks to this activity (thanks Mary!).  My kiddos certainly earned another food-based learning activity thanks to to their hard work and great job following directions!  I think we'll try my Candy Corn Math next (freebie).

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