Sunday, May 4, 2014

High Fashion

We finished our "formal" reading curriculum last week, so this week we can dive deep into PBL (Project Based Learning).  I'm having a difficult time containing my excitement!

My teammates and I are working together to do a "cultures" unit.  We each chose a country to study.  This week we will learn about and become "experts" about our country.  Next week, we will one another's rooms to learn about the other countries.  

My kiddos and I will be learning about France.  My grandma was a French teacher and I took French in high school (not that it will help me now!) so it seemed like a good fit.  YouTube, Pinterest and I have been collaborating.  I'm looking forward to sharing our learning with you.

I whipped up a little "fashion" based activity for my math center this week.  The dress contains the "answer", the shoes make up the "problem" and the necklace indicates the "sign" (addition or subtraction).  Students will create math problems using these pieces and record them on a recording sheet. 

To share my excitement, I am sharing this as a freebie.  You may not be studying France, but my little fashionistas would love it even if I was teaching them about France!  Please consider leaving a comment below and following to the right if you download.  I'd love to do a 100 follower giveaway to celebrate the end of the school year!

What are you learning about this week?

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