Sunday, May 18, 2014

Around the World

We are back from our "trip" around the world.  Last week we visited Italy, China and Mexico as part of our study of countries and cultures.  Unfortunately I didn't make it to Mexico, so no pictures from there, as I was frantically assessing one of my kiddos who was having an "on day"(can you relate?!?).  Here are a few highlights from our adventures.

Before we could jet off on our adventures, we needed to get our passports ready.  One of my teammates and her mom created our passports.  We used Kari Bolt's passport stamps.  Two of us printed them on labels and two just printed them and used a glue stick to attach them to the passports.  Inside the front cover is the child's picture and name.

In each country, we created the flag of the country. Here we are in Italy.  You can see the pasta in the background; after creating the flag, they made art out of dried pasta while we were visiting Italy.

In Italy, we also worked to build the Leaning Tower of Pisa using toilet paper and paper towel tubes.

In China, students practiced writing the Mandarin words for common words we use.  They thought this was cool and fun.

In each country, we tasted some food from that country.  In China we had Sweet & Sour chicken with fried rice, in Italy, we made English Muffin pizzas, and in Mexico, student tried chips and salsa.

Overall, it was a great week of learning and excitement.  This week we will be working on our animal habitats projects in preparation for graduation.  We are going to have a "gallery walk" after the ceremony to show off our hard work.  What are your plans for the week?

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