Thursday, May 15, 2014

Our "Louvre"

As mentioned in my last post, we studied France last week.  One part of our study was learning about artists from France.  Each day at the art center, students created art by a different French artist.  We then created our own Louvre using magnets on the chalkboard.  Please excuse the mess that is also in the picture!

We started the week with Matisse.  This was an easy project that my kids were excited to do.  I was asked frequently throughout the rest of the week if other could make it too.

Up next was Monet.  The kiddos used their fingers to make dots to cover (the direction anyway) the white paper.  They then used brown paper strips to create a bridge.

Seurat was done using Q-tips.  The kiddos at this center were encouraged to make a picture of their choice.

These are to be Van Gogh sunflowers.  Some of us struggled with the yellow petals, brown center direction.  They are pretty anyway :).

Last up was Picasso.  These are my favorites!  I printed google images for eyes, noses and mouths.  Students then created Picasso-like faces. They were a hoot putting them together and sharing them with their friends.  We liked them so much that when the other classes came to visit France, they made them too.

We just found out that we don't have an art teacher next year, so some of these projects may be coming back around again next year.  Do you have any ideas for teaching art to a group of kindergarten kiddos?  I'd love you favorite projects and ideas!

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