Saturday, April 26, 2014

Student Teacher Success

Yesterday was my student teacher's last day.  She has been with us all year, first doing her pre-student teaching, then back again this semester to do her student teaching.  My kiddos and I are a little attached!  We made sure she was on her way to being set for her own classroom.

My teammates pitched in to help fill this bag with a few of her favorite things (with an owl theme- her favorite).

Our team ate lunch together on her last day and enjoyed some Dairy Queen cake.

I've been stocking up on children's books when I see them (Scholastic, Ollie's, etc).  I had each child pick out a book to give Miss Weber.  They wrote a label with "to" and "from" to put in the book like a book plate.  We put these in a bag and give them to her on her last day.  She made the kiddos cupcakes.

We are excited to report that she was hired to be an aide for our class for the reminder of the year due to a few needs in our room.  We're (I'm) thrilled to have her with us the rest of the year and wishing her the best of luck in finding a job!


  1. Hi Amanda!

    I responded to your comment on the Adventures in Literacy Land blog regarding a holding a book swap. You can read it here:
    Have a great night!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to giving this a try!


    2. I hope you'll stop back and share how it went. Best of luck!