Monday, April 14, 2014

Making Math Work

We currently use Everyday Math in our district.  We are looking at piloting a new math curriculum next year.  What curriculum do you use?  Positives/Negatives?  Does it meet CCSS?  We need your help!  Your comments below would be much appreciated!

Here is a great little math activity my student teacher came up with.  This is used during center time.  Students read the story problems on the fish (mixed addition and subtraction with answers to 10).  They then sort the fish into the bowls by answer.  The kids love it and don't even realize they are practicing reading and math.  I love how their reading has really blossomed, and they are generally able to read the story problems independently!


  1. We use a digital based program-Stepping Stones. The whole program is digital, but it does meet CCSS. If technology is working, the program is great. Smiles and stop by!

    1. Thanks for sharing! We love when technology is working for us! :)