Friday, April 25, 2014

Five For Friday: Earth Day Edition {April 25}

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday linky.  I've been out of the teaching groove with having a student teacher the last 4 months, but got my act together to get some pictures this week.

1.  We are making words with magnetic letters on these trees.  I took tree clip art from Print Candee and put vowel combinations on the trunk of the tree.  Students put an initial consonant and a final consonant.  They then read the word and determine whether it is real or nonsense and record it on the yellow paper.

2. Students were invited to bring containers in that can be recycled. They first sort the containers into the blue and green buckets that have labels on them (paper, plastic, metal).  After sorting, they are allowed to build with the materials

3.  Using pop cans and egg cartons as bases, students created litter bugs.

4.  We're reusing toilet paper tubes to make bird feeders at the science center.  Its funny how much they love spreading the peanut butter (using a popsicle stick) on the tube.  They then roll it in a plate of bird seed.  We run a piece of yarn through the tube and tie a knot to hang it on a bush or tree.  It goes home in a ziploc bag.

5.  We've also explored place value with this little activity from Kelley at Teacher Idea Factory.  It was a great freebie that I just added the number cards to complete.  My kind of planning!  

Next week we continue our study of Earth Day and our planet.  Stop back tomorrow to hear more about our day today as we celebrated my student teacher's last day!  What did you learn this week?

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