Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

We celebrated Valentine's Day on February 14 with some Sweetheart Math and had our low-key party on February 15.

We measured objects using candy hearts.

Using the different color combinations of candy hearts, students practice writing addition problems and solving them.

I was looking for a way to have students work on vowels.  Some are still struggling to remember which letters are vowels.  My kiddos looked at the messages printed on the hearts and tallied the vowels. There is one box for each vowel on the paper.  This was their favorite activity!

At our Valentine's Day party, we used crazy heart straws to transfer marshmallows from a plate to a cup.  Most students did a great job with this and were thrilled to do it many times.  A few poked the straw into the marshmallow rather than sucking air into the straw to pick it up :).

You can never have too much icing or sprinkles on your party cookie!

Foam hearts from the Target Dollar Bin decorated with foam letters and hearts.

Towers were made from conversation hearts.  A lot of focus and concentration was involved here!

Valentine's Day kept us busy!  We did a brief lesson on President's Day at the end of the day.  My student teacher takes over Tuesday when we begin our unit on Community Helpers.

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