Friday, February 22, 2013

Five For Friday Linky Party {2/22}

I am linking up again with Kasey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five For Friday link up.  I am looking forward to seeing all the different things going on in the classrooms that link up each week.  Below are some of the highlights from our week!

This week we began using "Word Jail".  I saw this in a magazine (probably Mailbox) back when I taught third grade, which was 7 years ago.  I never used the idea in third grade, but tucked it in the back of my mind.  My kiddos L-O-V-E "Word Jail"!  The sign at the top says "A place for words that don't follow the spelling rules".  Throughout the day they will say, "That word belongs in word jail!".  It makes me laugh.  They use word jail just like a word wall.

We began our study of 3-D (solid) shapes.  My students seem to be grasping the "fat not flat" concept.  We have been listing items that are of each shape.  This weekend, students are taking homework home where they will find various items around the house of each shape and either write or draw the objects. Today we read my emergent reader about 3-D shapes.  Both of these activities can be found in my Spotlight on Solid Shapes packet.  Below you will see one of my students using an iPad to make a book about solid shapes using pictures she took at Family Math Night last night (see below).

We are learning about Community Helpers.  Our puppet theater is up and running with career puppets.

Last night we had a Family Math Night for my students and their families.  My friend and coworker, Mrs. Reich and my student teacher helped out for the evening.  The kiddos and their families each visited 6 different stations where they played a math game then created their own copy of the game to take home and play.  It was a hit!  I modified (mostly by changing the name and types of materials) many of the games we already play to create interest.  Thanks to, I was able to provide all the dice, counters and other game pieces students would need.  I am working to get the events of the evening put together in a future post.

With our read aloud today, we were to practice sequencing and summarizing.  My student teacher split the students into groups of 4 and assigned each student a part of the book to draw a picture about (just as the manual said).  While they were working, I remembered that I had purchased some magnetic strips at Target on clearance back in the fall.  I had a 'I know what I can do with that purchase' moment and dug them out.  Students then attached their pictures in order with magnets and shared their summary with their classmates.

Next week will bring more Community Helpers studies to our room, and we will also be discussing safety at home, at school and around our community.  What is on the horizon for you next week?


  1. I like the "word jail" idea. This may be very helpful to my first graders for some of the words that we teach them. Thanks for the tip!

    Happy weekend.

    1. Most of my students seem to know why you would go to jail, so putting words in jail excites them. It is fun to hear them say "that word belongs in jail!". It is interesting to me that they can always tell me why too.