Monday, February 25, 2013

Family Math Night

Last Thursday, our class had a family math night. While attendance was not as good as I had hoped, those who attended seemed to have a great time and learn a lot!

Students and their families played 6 different math games then created their own "copy" of the game to take home and continue to play.  Many of the games were modeled after the Everyday Math games we play throughout the year.  We practiced: addition, subtraction, coin identification and values, trading for 5s and 10s, number order and number identification 0-20.  I created a packet on TpT with directions on how to create the materials and directions to play the games.

Materials such as dice, cubes, paper, and counters were purchased through a project on  We LOVE in our classroom!

Below are a few pictures from the night.  Thanks to my buddy, Helen (and her daughter), and my student teacher for their help!

This is the "toolkit" my students received.  It included: Legos (for addition/subtraction), 3 "dice in dice", 2 regular dice, 25 counters.

Students also received a "white board" (SOLO plate), a dry erase marker and an "eraser" (felt square).  They thought it was the jackpot!

Coloring game pieces for "Super Number".

Playing "Caterpillar to Butterfly" addition and subtraction game.


  1. What a great idea! I found you from The Picture Book Teacher's Edition. She gave you a shout out! So I'm your new follower!

    1. Thanks Ann! My students and families loved it!


  2. thank you so much for these ideas! i was wanting to do goodie bags for my students to take home from their math night and i LOVE the solo plate as a dry erase board! :)

    1. Thanks Shannon! Glad you were able to find something you can use!