Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy 100th Day and a Sale!

Yesterday was our 100th Day of School- exciting and somewhat crazy.  As one student told me, "it was the best day ever", so that makes it all worth it!

Students were encouraged to dress up like they are 100 years old.  About half of the class dressed up; some highlights are below.

No 100th day would be complete without a hat of some sort, right?  We combined a few ideas I've seen floating around.  Most of this was inspired by Kindergals.  We rolled a die then created an addition problem to indicating how many more to make 10.  Example: If I rolled a 6, my addition problem would be 6 + 4.  Students then used stickers to fill in each of their 10 strips on the hat.  


We used our 100th day collections to practice measuring by weight.  In the past, we have focused on length on the 100th day, but I wanted something new this year.  So, I came up with this little activity.  Students were each to bring 100 of something in a quart-sized ziploc (I provided this).  We hung them in the hall and talked about the different sizes and weights of objects.  

Above are a few of the bags hanging in the hallway.  After comparing the items in the hallway, I took them down and took them into the room.  I created a recording sheet pairing 6 sets of items.   During our small group activities, my group worked on predicting which item was heavier, then putting the two items in the pan balance to see which was heavier.  Students then filled in the recording sheet indicating the actual heavier item.  The last activity was giving students 2 similar-weight items, having them hold them, then predict.  I was surprised how well they did with this whole activity!

The recording sheet is here, in Google Docs.  You can edit the document to match the items your students bring in for their 100 day collections.  

We made a 100th day trail mix and also had a special 100th day treat.  The trail mix was made from 10 of 10 different items.  The special treat was made from 1/2 of a cheese stick and 2 oreos.  In the past, I have used a cheese stick and either banana or kiwi slices.  You can also see the 100th day bracelets I picked up at Lakeshore Learning (made by Teacher Created Resources).


The final activity was rolling a die and coloring to fill a 100 chart then filling in 100 tally marks on the back and counting by 5s.

That is our 100th day in a nutshell.  Have you celebrated the 100th day?  What was your celebration like?  

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