Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Wrap-Up

We ended up starting our Valentine's Day celebration with a delayed start.  This was our first one of the year, and my kiddos didn't know what to expect.   Warning: picture overload ahead!

We started our day with a little snack.

Short skewers loaded with: purple grape, banana, blueberry, raspberry and a heart marshmallow.  I found the marshmallows at Aldi.

Next we used my Sweet for Math freebie to practice some math skills using conversation hearts.  We practiced measurement, graphing, addition and tally marks.

Measuring with hearts

Making a how she lined them all up on the graph then took them off one by one and colored the boxes.

Tallying the vowels on her conversation hearts. 
The last hour of our day was spent partying.  It was pretty laid back.

My kiddos started out by passing out their valentines.  

Transferring marshmallows from the plate to the cup. They also had conversation hearts to stack to make a tower.  

Using clothespins to pass tissue paper hearts around the table.  Some parents were pretty creative with their directions.  "Pass to someone wearing blue". "Pass the heart to someone to your left"  The parent in this photo had all the hearts going around at the same time.
Cookie decorating station.  They love sprinkles!
The last station was similar to "Headbanz".  Students wore homemade headbands (like the one in the cookie decorating picture).  We taped pictures on the headbands and students had to describe the picture to the person wearing the picture.  We started out asking questions, but it was a struggle for them to ask questions that weren't "Is it a dog? Is it a cat?"  I thought them describing the pictures to one another was great for their vocabulary anyway!

We'll be celebrating the 100th day on Tuesday.  I'm planning low-key for this as well.  How did you celebrate Valentine's Day or the 100th Day?


  1. Wow!!! So mch fun! I love the snack and all the games at the party. We are celebrating "100 dAys smarter" on the 27th!!! We are so excited!

    1. They loved the snack too. We all have "100 Days Smarter" shirts that we wear as a staff, but we each plan our own activities. Have a good weekend!