Sunday, February 8, 2015

Practicing Comprehension

When giving our mid-year assessments, I noticed that the majority of my students are very strong readers (YAY!) and that their comprehension was not too bad.  The areas we need to work on, however, are comprehension and fluency.  I was scouring TpT and blogs for some appropriate comprehension activities that my students could complete independently during reading centers.  It needed to be an easy story for them to read independently and then some type of activity to show comprehension.  I saw this activity on The Moffatt Girls blog a couple weeks ago and knew we had to have it!

Students read a short story then cut out and sequence 4 pictures.  I also have my students color the pictures according to the color words found in the story.  Below is a completed example from one of my kiddos.

I love that the stories incorporate some sight words that the kids know, many CVC words and they actually generally have a story-line.  My kiddos don't mind doing these, so all these things combined makes this a win-win activity in my book!  You can find these here.  One of my students even underlined each "event" in a different color so she could refer back to the easily.  Kudos to you, kiddo! You taught your friends a great strategy!

I also purchased this packet which has short answer type questions.  I thought it would be a great "next step" when my students have the sequencing down pat.  I like that these have little books for them to read, but are still very appropriate for kindergarten!

How do you practice comprehension with your students?

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