Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Celebrating Our Presidents

We started on learning about Presidents' Day last week because of the many different activities that happen in February.  It is a short month and we have to get it all in!

I've tried a few guided drawing activities this year.  It is my first year trying it, and my kiddos really seem to look forward to it.  We tried this one from Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business.  I haven't paid for the instructions on the ones we've done in the past, but couldn't find a freebie for this theme, so decided to take the plunge and pay for it.

We started with Washington last week.  Our talk about Washington began with the book from Simply Kinder.  My kiddos' favorite part was the "fun fact" in the back.  I plan to use the Lincoln one when we study him this week.

This was by far the most difficult directed drawing we have done.  I learned that I do better giving directions when there are words written for directions in addition to an example picture of each step.  I like when someone tells me "make a shape like a 'v'" or "trace around your hand to make the head" as opposed to just showing me a picture of what that step looks like.  Learning right along with the kids here!  We made it through, and as you'll see below, Mr. Washington has never had so many different looks.

Here are a few examples of their completed work.

Next week, to reinforce our learning about our presidents, we will be using Sharing Kindergarten's QR Scan and Learn pack.  This will be used during our center time.

How do you sharing Presidents' Day with your students?

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