Tuesday, February 17, 2015

On the Move

Our last unit was about transportation.  Between snow days and scheduled days off, we finally had a couple five day weeks!  After learning about some different types of transportation and some vocabulary to go with the unit, students worked in groups to sort types of transportation.

Students were given a sheet of paper with "land", "air" and "water" written across the top in 3 separate sections.  I gave them about 5 minutes to think of all the different types of transportation they could come up with and sort them into the correct column.

After completing their lists, each group sharing their paper with the class.  We hung them on our whiteboard to refer to throughout the remainder of the unit.  Their spelling amazes me sometimes.  Thanks to HeidiSongs Phonics Fun DVD, they know so many many vowel & letter combinations.

These small group projects have really been great for building team-work and have made our larger PBL run more smoothly because my kiddos are getting more experience with working with others on a regular basis this year.


  1. I love seeing all the amazing learning happening in your classroom constantly! I wish my kindergartener was in your room.

    1. Thanks, Em! I'd love to have your kindergartner in my room :) Today is the 100th day, so more fun to come!