Monday, February 2, 2015

Over and Under the Snow

We have been talking about winter, and last week our studies included opposites. A book I read that went with both topics was Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner.  I ordered this book through Scholastic at some point in the last couple years had never used it.  Hidden treasure I tell ya!

The beautiful illustrations and words in the story teach students about what they might see in the woods in the winter and what is hiding under the snow.  My students then created some artwork showing at least 1 animal living over the snow and 1 animal living under the snow.  I was out the afternoon they worked on the artwork, but I think my sub did a great job- she is quite fabulous!

They started by drawing the line to separate "over" from "under".  They then drew their trees with a pencil.  After drawing the line and the trees, they traced them with an oil pastel.  Students used liquid watercolors (watered down) to paint the blue of the sky and brown of the "under".  Using 1/4 sheets of paper, student drew their animals, cut them out and glued them in the appropriate "over" or "under" location on their papers.

That is an owl in his nest hanging out in the sky!

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