Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Book Lovin' Linky

I'm linking up with Deanna at Mrs. Jump's Class for her Let's Talk About Books linky.

 In May, I visited the Scholastic Book Sale at the Book Fair warehouse about an hour from our school. I've gone many times, especially when I first started teaching.  I picked up The Book Whisperer on a whim; it was half off after all!  I had seen blog reviews about it and decided it would make good summer reading.

My review: Why didn't I read this a long time ago?!?  I'm pretty excited about the idea of just allowing my students to read.  In the book, she talks about getting students excited about reading by giving them choice and finding the time to allow students to read independently.  I made the effort to give them more independent reading time this year, and I was thrilled when I had students say "Can I just read my books now" at various times throughout the day.  A few would have rather read than go to centers.  What?!?  While I did encourage them to go to centers, I realized that this is exactly the reaction I wanted from students about reading.

I look forward to giving students even more time to read independently next year.  Last year we started sometime in October.  Many of my colleagues thought I was crazy to give my kindergarten kiddos independent reading time in October.  Their love for reading and their reading abilities made me see that it worked and I will absolutely do it again.  Ms. Miller showed me that my excitement for reading and the time I allow for reading in my classroom will make a difference for my students.  I hope to make a positive impact of students' attitude towards reading and bring them as far as I can.

I would recommend this book to any reading teacher.  I'm hoping some of my colleagues and teammates will read it as well.  I'm planning to order Reading in the Wild to continue my journey with Ms. Miller.

What are you reading this summer?  How do you incorporate more independent reading time in your classroom?

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