Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kindergarten to College

My students (and those on my team) had the opportunity to visit my college alma mater, which just so happens to be in the town I teach in.  Nothing like starting them early on the idea of college!

We went on a tour of campus, guided by the 2 teachers on the team who attended the college.  Students saw the athletic building, football stadium, a classroom, the library, the science building (there are cool fish tanks in there), a dorm and finally had lunch in the cafeteria.

This afternoon I had students write about the trip.  Many of them said their favorite activity was running a lap around the indoor track.  Who knew!?!  They could not get over the fact that you lived in a room with another person and share the bathroom with so many people.  When I asked them to think about what was different about the classroom we saw and our classroom, one student said "Where is the SMARTboard?".  :)

They were very well behaved and said how much they loved the trip.  Even though the college is in our town, they were in awe.  When I asked them how many of them wanted to go to college after we got back, every hand in the room went up because "college is so cool".  Hoping for some future Raiders in my kindergarten class!

Checking out the fish!

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