Friday, May 3, 2013

Five for Friday Linky {May 3}

I'm linking up with Kasey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.

We have had a fun-filled week of learning about keeping our planet clean and going on field trips!

1. Learning about life "long ago" on our visit to the Haines House, a stop on the Underground Railroad.  You can read more about this trip here.

2. In our block center, we have been building with materials that can be recycled.  A note went home asking students to bring in recyclables.  They love making towers!

3.  We are measuring weight by trying to create numbers that equal one another (like an addition problem).  It was been very interesting to watch their thought process.

4.  Touching the tadpoles caught in the pond at the Nature Center on our field trip.

5.  I had a very proud moment (with no picture) when reading one-on-one with one of my kiddos today.  I frequently think this guy is not paying attention has he is turned around, playing with any piece of trash on the floor he can find or talking to his partner.  He is a good kid, but listening to me talk is not one of his favorite activities.  Today, while reading with him, he started a cold read of a new book he picked out.  When he came to a new word, he took that little finger and covered up the end of the word, then sounded it out.  In my shock, I said, "What made you do that?!?"  He responded, "You tell me look for little part."  H-U-G-E proud teacher moment!  You kiddos do hear what I say! :)  What a great end to my week!

With only 3 weeks today, we are going to be crazy trying to fit it all in.  Coming up next week: *building with Lowe's building kits, 1/2 day PD for me on Wednesday and preschoolers visiting us on 2 separate occasions.  

What do you have to look forward to next week?


  1. Hi, I'm Brandee, your newest follower. :) I found you via the linky. Your blog is very cute. :)

    1. Hi Brandee! Glad to have you join in on the fun :)