Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wading in the Water

We didn't really go wading in the water, however, should the need arise, my students would be ready!

Our Dramatic Play center for the last two weeks was a fishing center.  In a plastic kid's pool there were foam fish (cut from the Ellison) with velcro dots on them.  A colleague of mine let me borrow some fishing poles with velcro on the hooks.  The fish had math problems on them.  Students had to fish, then sort the math problems by the correct answer and record them in the recording sheet.  

We borrowed the waders from our awesome preschool secretary who had them in the attic from when her daughter was young.  I was entertained each day as the kiddos tried to problem solve and figure out how to get in and out of them! My friend in the second picture actually has a dress on!

What is your favorite prop to use in your classroom?

We are on to a new theme this week: "Earth Day is Everyday".  Many of our centers focus on reusing and recycling.  


  1. This is way too cute!! Lately my favorite props are those for fairy kids go crazy for them! :) I can only imagine how they would LOVE this fishing idea! So awesome!
    Ms. Shope's Class

    1. Thanks, Julie! I have some story telling puppets (3 Little Pigs & Golidlocks from Lakeshore) and my students go nuts for them at the beginning of the year. I can imagine fairy tales would be popular at this time of year because they could really get into story telling!

      Thanks for sharing!