Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fish Bowl Writing

Our focus the next two weeks is water and fish.  At the writing lab, students were given the task to label a fish and write two sentences about fish.  

I found a fish bowl pattern in an old Carson Dellosa pattern book a parent gifted me (an awesome gift!) a few years ago.  This pattern became the cover as well as the pages for the book.

I found this great fish to label over at Mrs. I's Class.  I shrunk it a little bit on the copier to fit on the fish bowl template. It comes with a fish already labeled that students can use if they get stuck.

I was very proud of this child's writing.  Her grammar isn't great, but her ideas amazed me!  I love the connection between mammals (last week's learning) and fish characteristics!  

"Fish has fins and fish has mouths and eyes to."
"Fish is not mamals because them have gills.  The End"


  1. I am definitely going to use this next year! THANKS FOR SHARING!

    1. Thanks for commenting! Glad you found something you could use next year! :)