Sunday, April 21, 2013

Taking Care of a Fish Writing

Last week we talked a lot about fish: their characteristics, habitat, and how to take care of a pet fish.  Students worked on writing 3 step directions on taking care of cleaning the bowl of a pet fish.

Title: "Clean a fish tank"  First I take the fish out of the bowl.  Second I put the fish in a clear bag.  Last I put clean weather then I put the fish back in the bowl."
Title: "The Dirty Tank"  First I take out the fish.  Second I clean the tank.  Third I took out rocks.  Last I put the fish in the clean water.

Title: "Clean a Fish Aquarium"  First I take out the fish.  Then I clean the fish aquarium.  Last I put the fish in.

I'm proud of their writing, especially since this was the first time we really focused on using order words (either first, second, third or first, then, last).  They did a great job!

What new writing ideas have you tried in your classroom?

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