Tuesday, April 2, 2013


We spent the last two weeks on a unit entitled "City Gardens and Country Farms."  Week one focused on gardens and week two focused on farms. I tried to combine these two ideas into two busy weeks of centers and activities!

One activity I created used these little baskets from WalMart's Easter section.  I printed numbers 0-5 and attached them to the front of the basket.  Students sorted addition and subtraction problems by answer then recorded them on the recording sheet.  We are working on fact fluency.  I was surprised how much my students loved this activity.  I think a similar activity will be appearing in our next unit about water (in 2 weeks).

They loved playing with the wooden barn I picked up on clearance at a party store for under $10 a few years ago.  There is yellow Easter grass in there for hay and a Toob of farm animals along with a farmer and some farm equipment.  It was great to hear them using their theme vocabulary while working with the barn!

This guy is very proud of the tissue paper flowers that he "planted".  Students took 3 pieces of tissue paper and accordion-folded them.  They then cut the ends to add interest and fanned the pieces out.  A pipe cleaner held it all together.  The pipe cleaner was poked into a small piece of Model Magic in the bottom of a plastic plant "flat" container.

For the next two weeks our unit is entitled "Fur and Feathers".  Check back soon for updates on that theme.  Are you on Spring Break?  What are you working on?

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