Saturday, January 5, 2013

Parent Gift

We made footprint snowmen on canvases for our parent gift this year.  I had requested a couple boxes of canvases through with thoughts of many projects that I could create with them.  After thinking about different possibilities for parent gifts this year, I decided to be adventurous!

We started by painting the blue background on the already primed canvases. The bottom of the canvas was left white to look like snow.  Next, thanks to the help of our preschool secretary and her daughter, the footprints were done in an hour.  After allowing the footprints to dry, students added the features to their snowmen.  Students used a pencil to write "Let It Snow"; I traced over their writing with a silver paint pen.  Then they used a Q-tip to paint snowflakes.  Finally, I added ribbon from Hobby Lobby (30 ft. for $1...1 spool did the whole class).  Students created their own wrapping paper with bulletin board paper and wrapped their creations.

This project was a bit time consuming because it took many days to create (lots of drying time!), but I think they turned out great!

Do you make a parent gift? What are your ideas?

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