Saturday, January 26, 2013

Astronauts & Opposites

We are learning about space and opposites.  Below are some of our centers and activities.

At the art center, we are drawing pictures of an outside scene (playground, park, house, etc).  After the picture is drawn, it is folded in half.  1/2 is painted with black liquid watercolor to show night.  The other is left white (day).  You can see the before paint and after paint below.  After the paint dried, students put star stickers on the night side.

At our science center, we are coloring the sun and planets, cutting them out and gluing the planets to black construction paper.  The sun is attached with a brad so the planets can "orbit" around the sun.

We are practicing standard and nonstandard measurement.  There is a picture of a rocket and an astronaut.  Each picture has a line down the middle.  Students measure using: cubes, erasers, links, counting bears and a ruler.  There is a recording sheet for students to record their measurements.  They are doing a great job!

Last week I posted my "spaceship" creation.  As promised, here are the kiddos in action.  The "astronaut" gets to wear the costume and spend time in the spaceship.  The laptop (out of commission) with headset and phone are "mission control".  I have not heard any arguments (I was shocked!), and the kids are excited to take many turns at each roll during their time at the center!

We will finish up with space and opposites this week.  The StarLab is coming, so we will visit that next week.  Friday is the 100th day of school!  What are you up to next week?

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