Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Delay and a Celebration

The kids were off Friday (teacher work day) and Monday (Martin Luther King Jr. Day), then had a 2 hour delay today.  It is C-O-L-D here!  We haven't had a delay or snow day this year, so this was a whole new experience for them.  They thought it was so cool to have centers in the afternoon instead of in the morning.  Ahh, the little things in life...

As for our celebration... I have a student in my class who has limited use of her right hand (and she is most definitely right-handed by nature).  She receives OT and PT weekly per her IEP and has certainly adapted to her situation well.  She has been struggling to zip her jacket independently, which I think even as an adult would be tough with one hand!  Usually the cafeteria staff is very helpful in getting is zipped prior to recess.  One day last week, when our normal cafeteria worker was out, a staff member told this little girl that she needed to learn to do it on her own. I picked her up from lunch in tears.  Poor girl!  Give her a break; she really does try!  So, I chatted with the OT who said she'd work on it today (which didn't happen thanks to our 2 hour delay...she'll be in on Thursday) and until then, she gave a suggestion of having her get it up as high as she could so she could use her right arm to hold the coat against her body.  In the meantime, I asked another little girl who usually sits near her to help her get it started, and she happily agreed.  Problem solved; yay teamwork!  Today, at the end of the day, Miss B came running over to me (only time I'd allow running in my room!) saying "Miss Hennon, I zipped my coat ALL BY MYSELF!  I bunched it up just like you said, and it worked!"  So proud!  You go girl for being persistant and not giving up- a lesson for us all!

What are you celebrating in your classroom?

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