Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holidays Update

We had a busy 3 days prior to our winter break.  Below are some pictures that I managed to get amidst all the activity!

Tuesday we had Polar Express day and all wore our pajamas.  The kids thought this was great!

We decorated our own wrapping paper.  I just brought in sheets of brown bulletin board paper and let them decorate any way they'd like with crayons.  Our most proud accomplishment was learning how to draw a star on our paper! :)  I can't find a picture of our parent gift, so I'll have to upload that when I get back to school in January. 

Have you ever shopping after a holiday and bought stuff for your classroom not knowing what you are going to do with it?  This project resulted for such a shopping trip.  I found felt Christmas trees at Target last year 90% off, which made a 3 pack 10 cents!  I gave students a plate of sequins and a bottle of glue and let them go.  They were really cute!  Too bad Target didn't have these again this year.

What did you pick up on a shopping trip that turned out to be a great project?

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