Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gingerbread Galore

We are in an "off" week from our reading curriculum, so we are in our gingerbread/holiday glory!  My students are learning lots and having a great time!  The pictures below are from our labs (centers).

Making gingerbread houses.  Brown lunch bags stuffed with newspaper, scalloped scrapbook paper and foam stickers (bucket for $3.60 at Michaels!). We are making a gingerbread village in the hallway.

This little guy is quite proud of his gingerbread house!

The gingerbread bakery is in full swing!  Hats are made from a 3" band of poster board and a plastic grocery bag.  They LOVE these "cooker" (chef/baker) hats!  I saw a similar one on Julie Lee's blog.  Students are using homemade gingerbread play dough to make their bakery creations.  The cookie cutters were in a 6 pack from the Dollar Tree.

This guy is very proud to be a chef!  The gingerbread man spatula is from Hobby Lobby.  It was $2 (originally $3.99, 50% off).  It was so cute, I had to go back for another one!

Making boats to help the gingerbread man safely cross the river.  Items available: plastic cups,  plastic  cafeteria containers, poster board, straws, toothpicks, clay, glue, scissors and tape.  Each student got a marshmallow gingerbread man to "rescue" and get safely across the river.

Testing out the gingerbread man's boat.  It floats!  This is a great problem solving activity for students!

We are measuring using cubes.  Students are measuring length, area and perimeter.  I have been impressed with how many students have remembered the correct terms to share what they are measuring.

What are you doing to celebrate the winter holidays?  I'd love some party ideas for next week!

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