Monday, November 19, 2012

QR Codes

QR Codes seem to be everywhere these days.  I recently purchased a SMARTphone and became even more aware of QR Codes in my everyday life.  I decided to take advantage of this technology in my classroom.  My students are hooked!

I started out easy. I created 12 codes using to create my QR Codes.  I'm not sure what the best website out there is to make your own QR Codes, but I liked this one because I could put my own text in and they were pretty colors (I know, really important, right?).  I printed and displayed all 12 codes on my closet door.  Next, I downloaded the "Scan" app on our 2 iPads.  Students take the iPads up and scan the codes one at a time and record the word that appears when they scan the code on a recording sheet.  Each QR Code contains one sight word.

This was almost too easy.  The most difficult part was choosing just the right color for the codes.  My students are in love with the activity, and I can't wait to create another if this is what it takes to capture their interest.

How are you using technology in your classroom?  I'd love fresh ideas!


  1. Hi Amanda! Thank you for the great post! I am going to make QR codes for my class too. It is such a cool way for kids to practice sight words. Thanks for the good site.

    I am using:
    Photo frame
    Lite Brite
    Listening center

    The kids love it and are so natural at it!
    I am pushing myself to incorporate as much technology as I can. I wish I had a smart board!

    Happy Thanksgiving Amanda!

    1. We love our SMARTboard. The iPads are something that they figure out quicker than me! Didn't think to include the Lite Brite; I'll have to dig that out. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!


  2. I just finished making QR codes for my sight words. I have an old iphone that is essentially an itouch now and I downloaded the scan app and the center will soon be ready. Thanks for reminding me to get this done! I just bought a lite brite and need to make the black pages with the words for the kids to poke. I also got an inexpensive digital frame and can't wait to make a "slide show" of sight words for the kids to read. Gotta keep it fun for the kids and keep their attention. I am hoping that our district will get some $ for smartboards. It just seems like a perfect way to have the students interact with calendar and other lessons. How do you use it?

    1. Yay QR codes! :) Have you seen Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business? She has the kids poke sight words on regular paper with thumbtacks. I have not been this adventurous, but it seems to work for her. She has made many things with this idea.

      I love the digital frame idea. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for an inexpensive one. I agree...keeping their interest is key! My kids LOVE HeidiSongs. We use the DVDs daily. I saw her speak at I Teach K.

      I use my SMARTboard daily for Morning Message and calendar. It is great for Lakeshore Interactive games as well. I have a few games that I downloaded from SMART exchange where students throw a koosh ball at the SMARTboard to reveal a question then answer it before the next student throws the ball. That is definitely a favorite game! In almost 3 years, they have not hurt the board by playing this game. I also use the timer and random choosers throughout the day, especially during small group time. I have a created a few of our Everyday Math games for the SMARTboard, and students enjoy playing these with a friend.