Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Winner Declared in Our Election

Our current theme is "What's on the Menu?" which includes nutrition and food groups.  We tasted 3 fruits: coconut, pomegranate seeds and blueberries (red, white & blue theme) then voted on our favorite.

Our puppet theater doubles as a voting booth.

Fun straws for our breakfast completed our day.
I was surprised when we tallied our votes to find that pomegranate won our election (9 pomegranate, 7 blueberry, 4 coconut).  We learned a lot about the democratic process today!


  1. A puppet theater booth?! Genius! I had two of those last year and now I wish I had them!. That makes the experience so authentic. It also makes a good divider for study time. :)

    1. The kids loved the puppet theater booth! I was proud to come up with that one last night. The little ballot box was a little creation from last night as well. The girls liked that it was shiny :).