Sunday, November 18, 2012

Learning About Food

We spent the past 2 weeks learning about food!  We discussed where food comes from, healthy foods and the food groups they belong to and the workings of a grocery store (market).  My students loved our unit on food.  Below are some pictures of our learning.

Students used scented stickers to write about about fruits or vegetables.  They could make up their  own sentence or choose to complete the sentence "I like  (fill in fruit or vegetable)" or "I do not like (fill in fruit or vegetable)". 

We read sentences on pizza slices and tried to build a full pizza.   My students LOVE this game!  She is practicing "stretch and read" by tapping the sounds on her arm.  The pizza game is from my "Healthy Dose of Language Arts" pack.

At the Dramatic Play lab, students took orders at the "sandwich shop".  They did a stretching words writing to take a friend's order!

After taking orders, students created sandwiches using my Melissa and Doug sandwich kit.  Students then chose "mixed fruit" (runts) for a side dish or "peas and carrots" (peas and carrots jelly beans from the Jelly Belly Factory).  This center was definitely one students looked forward to visiting.

Counting vegetables then making a graph to show findings.  After making the graph, students analyzed the data and answered which vegetable has the most and the least.

Students completed a "My Plate" model by cutting foods out of a local grocery store advertisement and gluing them in the proper place on the plate.  They were very proud of the completed product!

This unit was a great lead-in to Thanksgiving.  Two days this week where we will focus on Thanksgiving.  Following our 3 day break, we will be learning about art and music with the theme "Sing a Song-Paint a Picture".

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